Adrenal Exhaustion Test

More than 90% of the population has some symptoms of Adrenal Exhaustion. Having healthy Adrenals means you have a constant supply of energy, have good digestion, are normal weight, sleep soundly at night, wake up feeling rested and have limited stress.

Take a look at our check list as a guide to determining how much Adrenal Exhaustion may be present.

Do any of the following habits or symptoms apply?

Do you drink coffee in the morning? Yes No
Do you drink coffee any other time of the day? Yes No
Do you drink Coca Cola, Pepsi or any other cola? Yes No
Do you crave chocolate? Yes No
Do you crave sweets? Yes No
Does your stomach seem over acidic at times? Yes No
Do you suffer from indigestion? Yes No
Does your diet lack any Dulse, Kelp, or other sea vegetables? Yes No
Have you taken aspirin on a regular basis? Yes No
Is your physical stamina less than adequate? Yes No
Is waking up in the morning difficult? Yes No
Do you have any symptoms of pain or discomfort? Yes No
Do you have dark circles under your eyes? Yes No
Is your life more stressful than you would like? Yes No

How many of these habits or symptoms apply? The ranges are:

Average – 1 to 3

Significant – 4 to 6

More Serious – 7 or above

If you have any of the symptoms above, Nutritional and Anti-oxidant support of the Adrenals is indicated. We recommend that you “jump start’ your program with the Energy Pack or Men’s / Women’s Pack for best results.


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