Walgreens anti-health food cold commercial

Walgreens is running a commercial urging people not to eat healthy nutritious food to aid in overcoming colds and other sicknesses. Instead, Walgreens promotes the false belief that dangerous drugs are necessary for healing. This false belief has roots in the mistaken idea that the body cannot heal itself naturally. Such an idea that the body cannot heal itself naturally is absurd on its face. Life would not be possible without such innate processes as self-healing and regeneration. Atomistic medicine (as opposed to holistic medicine) does not have a consistent worldview in which it can account for both the self-healing property of life and a dependence on drugs.

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  1. Thank you for posting this. I recently saw the commercial and wanted to flying side kick the tv after. I wanted to show my wife and friends this so we can start boycotting walgreens but couldnt find this commercial anywhere on youtube

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