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Welcome! We desire to present reliable Anti-aging information. Take a moment to browse through the information section of the site. The benefits from an Anti-aging program  are many. The most common we hear are:

  • Improved sense of well being
  • Better memory
  • Clearer thinking
  • Greater resistance to illness and disease
  • Improved libido

Chiropractic adjustments remove nerve interference which causes disease. Get adjusted by an upper cervical chiropractor to improve your health.

Back Pain and Chiropractic

Many people only visit a chiropractor when they have back pain. However, pain is the last thing to appear and the first thing to go away. There are many therapies to alleviate back pain besides chiropractic. Many of these therapies in the field of manual medicine can be fairly effective. To truly correct the problem and not just alleviate the pain temporarily, one must remove the subluxation in the atlanto-axial-occipital region as discovered by B.J. Palmer. Only when the subluxation is removed will the back pain be truly corrected.


A Chiropractor is someone who practices Chiropractic. Chiropractic seeks to realign the bones of the spine thereby removing nerve interference. Nerve interference causes disease.

Hormonal Health Index

An important measurement to determine hormonal balance in the body is the Hormonal Health Index (H-H-I). It is a number which evaluates the body’s ability to make Serotonin, Melatonin and Human Growth Hormone and determines Hypothalamus function on a scale of 1 to 5. When added together the H-H-I can be a maximum total of 25. The higher the H-H-I the closer the hormone production is to youthful levels. The ranges for the H-H-I are as follows:

  • Youthful Range – 18 to 25
  • Middle Aged – 10 to 17
  • Elderly Range – 1 to 9

Everyone, regardless of age can increase their H-H-I to Youthful ranges. Below are the results of an actual H-H-I test of a man 52 years of age. It shows high levels of activity in the left brain indicating a strong intellectual ability. But the activity in the right brain is below average, indicating low creative energy and an inability to express feelings and emotions. The Hypothalamus –Pineal – Pituitary are well below Youthful values and the H-H-I is in the Middle Aged range at 13.

Hormonal Health Index Chart

With improved diet, supplementation, better sleep, and weight training this man’s H-H-I increased to 22 in 3 months as seen in the chart below.

Hormonal Health Index Chart (Improved)

Although the H-H-I is well within the youthful range, some challenges remain. More activity in the right brain is desired which will be seen as improved creative energy and more expression of feelings and emotions.

Also, improvement in the function of the Hypothalamus and Pineal Gland is needed, which is a measure of the Brain-Hypothalamus-Pineal interaction. An increase in Hypothalamus function will improve the overall hormonal balance in the body.

The hormone balance in the body is illustrated in the chart below:

Hormonal Balance in the Body
Point on Cascade Hormone
Brain Serotonin
Hypothalamus Message Center
Pineal Melatonin
Pituitary Human Growth Hormone
Thyroid Thyroxin
Thymus Lymphocytes
Adrenals DHEA
Ovaries Estrogen (women)
Testes Testosterone (men)

Melatonin and the 5 stages of sleep


Melatonin is said to provide the most bang for the Anti-aging buck. It’s produced by the Pineal Gland located near the center of the Brain. Melatonin is involved in circadian rhythms and the wake / sleep cycle. The production of Melatonin goes up as the sun sets and it gets darker. Melatonin supplementation has become very popular in recent years and has allowed many adults to sleep more soundly.


Dr. Colgan identifies the Pineal gland as the “master controller” and provides figures to show the natural peak of Melatonin levels drops off rapidly with age. Melatonin helps our bodies know when it’s time to go to sleep and when it’s time to wake up. Dr. Colgan’s first priority to inhibit aging is to increase Melatonin levels in the body.

Deprive a person of proper sleep and physical symptoms will appear. Sleep research has discovered that DREAMING is a physiological necessity. Poor memory is one of the consequences of sleep deprivation.

The 5 Stages of Sleep

1. The first stage of sleep is the waking stage where the person is just about to fall asleep. With this stage, the body is beginning to relax from all of the stress and strains of the day. The muscles slowly begin to relax, getting rid of all tension. The eyes begin to move, fluttering and relaxing; usually going back up into the head as the body slows down and breathing becomes more shallow.

2. The second stage is the relaxing or resting, stage. During this stage the person’s body temperature lowers and the body becomes more relaxed. The heart rate slows down and the person is ready to enter a deeper stage of sleep.

3. This is the first period of deep sleep, also called the REM stage, where dreaming takes place. REM stands for “Rapid Eye Movement” and is characterized by fluttering eyes, which occurs during this period of sleep and dreaming.

4. The fourth stage is a deeper stage of REM while the subject is dreaming. Involuntary movements of the facial muscles may occur as Rapid Eye Movement continues.

5. The fifth stage is when the body begins to wake up from sleep and the heart rate increases, the muscles become more active. The brain comes out of its hyperactive dream state into its normal mode of functioning.
These five stages are essential to get the optimum benefits from sleep. In order to make full use of the hours to which we devote to sleep, we need to go through all stages.

At night Melatonin is secreted by the Pineal Gland to help our bodies regulate our sleep cycle so that we experience all 5 stages of sleep. The amount of Melatonin we produce lessens as we get older. It also means our bodies are making less Growth hormone ( HGH ) as well. This leads to increased obesity, loss of muscle mass and reduced exercise capacity to help our bodies regulate the wake / sleep cycles. Melatonin supplementation provides millions of people a good night’s sleep for just pennies per day.

Testimonials for Anti-aging products

Linda in Melbourne, FL:
“I work at home on my computer so I can set my own hours. I’ve felt fatigued for the last year and on a typical day I sleep till noon. But after taking just 3 Chinese Licorice Root capsules I’m now up at 6 AM! And you wouldn’t believe what I’ve been able to do today! I updated our website, got all of my filing done, removed 6 gig from the hard drive and filed it away; I even filled out a form that’s been sitting on my desk for 2 months. It’s 8 PM and I’m not even tired! It’s been over a year since I’ve accomplished this much!”

Laural in Phoenix:
“I’ve been taking the Phosphorus product for several days now. It’s very weird, but my memory seems to be better today even though I feel light-headed. People are asking me stuff and I am remembering! Could this be possible? Anti aging natural supplements are amazing!”

Nikki in Las Vegas:
“Hi Eldon. I think you’ve got something here, I’ve been taking the Phosphorus for about a week and I’ve noticed a change. I do feel more clear headed and I was feeling depressed before and I’m not that much anymore. It will be interesting to see the longer I’m on it. Anti aging mineral and herbal supplements have made a big difference in my life!”

Susan in Scottsdale:
“Sometimes I feel anxious and don’t get a good nights sleep. Just wanted to report that I did recieve the Melatonin and took one last night and slept until 7:00 AM!!! I could barely get out of bed and was late to work. It seems to be what my body needs. This morning I feel very mellow and don’t really feel worked up about anything!
Also, I gave Ben the Primary Pack last night and he will most likely contact you. Thanks again for sending it. Can’t wait until he tries the products too!”

Step 8 – Pancreas

Pancreas Pack for Anti Aging Herbs

36 Capsules

Chinese Licorice Root – Nutritional support for the Adrenals
CHI Formula – Increases metabolism of the Vital Organs
Adrenal Anti-oxidant – Anti-oxidant for the Adrenal Glands
Cedar Berry Formula – Nutritional support for the Pancreas
Golden Seal Formula – Anti-oxidant for the Pancreas
Digestive Enzymes – Enzymes for Protein Digestion

Step 7 – Heart Pack

Heart Pack for Anti Aging Herbs

36 Capsules

Panax Ginseng Formula – Nutritional support for the Thymus Gland
Wheat Grass Formula – Anti-oxidant for the Thymus Gland
Magnesium Formula – Nutritional support for the Heart
Potassium Formula – Nutritional support for the Heart
Hawthorn Formula – Anti-oxidant for the Heart
Capsicum & Vit. C – Cleansing for the Veins & Arteries

Step 6 – Vital Organ

Vital Organ Pack for Anti Aging Herbs

36 Capsules

Peppermint Formula – Nutritional support for the Stomach
Slippery Elm Formula – Nutritional support for the Small Intestines
Juniper Formula – Nutritional support for the Kidneys
Parsley Formula – Nutritional support for the Bladder
Barberry Formula – Nutritional support for the Liver
Cascara Formula – Nutritional support for the Colon

Step 5 – Glandular

Glandular Pack for Anti Aging Herbs

36 Capsules

Bee Pollen Formula – Nutritional support for the Pineal / Pituitary Glands
Valerian Formula – Anti-oxidant for the Pineal Gland
Herbal T3, T4 Formula – Nutritional support for the Thyroid Gland
Dulse Formula – Anti-oxidant for the Thyroid Gland
Panax Ginseng Formula – Nutritional support for the Thymus Gland
Wheat Grass Formula – Anti-oxidant for the Thymus Gland