Testimonials for Anti-aging products

Linda in Melbourne, FL:
“I work at home on my computer so I can set my own hours. I’ve felt fatigued for the last year and on a typical day I sleep till noon. But after taking just 3 Chinese Licorice Root capsules I’m now up at 6 AM! And you wouldn’t believe what I’ve been able to do today! I updated our website, got all of my filing done, removed 6 gig from the hard drive and filed it away; I even filled out a form that’s been sitting on my desk for 2 months. It’s 8 PM and I’m not even tired! It’s been over a year since I’ve accomplished this much!”

Laural in Phoenix:
“I’ve been taking the Phosphorus product for several days now. It’s very weird, but my memory seems to be better today even though I feel light-headed. People are asking me stuff and I am remembering! Could this be possible? Anti aging natural supplements are amazing!”

Nikki in Las Vegas:
“Hi Eldon. I think you’ve got something here, I’ve been taking the Phosphorus for about a week and I’ve noticed a change. I do feel more clear headed and I was feeling depressed before and I’m not that much anymore. It will be interesting to see the longer I’m on it. Anti aging mineral and herbal supplements have made a big difference in my life!”

Susan in Scottsdale:
“Sometimes I feel anxious and don’t get a good nights sleep. Just wanted to report that I did recieve the Melatonin and took one last night and slept until 7:00 AM!!! I could barely get out of bed and was late to work. It seems to be what my body needs. This morning I feel very mellow and don’t really feel worked up about anything!
Also, I gave Ben the Primary Pack last night and he will most likely contact you. Thanks again for sending it. Can’t wait until he tries the products too!”


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