Anti-aging Skin Care

Your anti-aging program should include a nutritional plan for the skin. The skin is the largest organ of the body and is also called the third kidney. Because it is an organ of elimination, skin brushing and wearing loose clothing are encouraged so that the skin can prespire. The skin is a Silicon organ, a mineral found in many herbs. Oatstraw and Horsetail Grass are the two herbs highest in Silicon.

We encourage you to treat your skin using two steps:

The FIRST step is nutritional support for the skin with our Oatstraw Blend which can be applied directly to the face. This provides organic Silicon that it can be absorbed into the skin.

The SECOND step is anti-oxidant support to heal free radical damage to the skin. Our Horsetail Grass Blend can also be applied to the face to be absorbed directly into the skin.

Both products have ingredients which relax the muscles under the skin to give you that youthful looking appearance. Relaxed facial muscles can take years off of your looks.

We encourage the use of separate brushes for each blend, as they should not be applied at the same time.

Both products are available in capsules as well.


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