Adrenal Exhaustion Test

More than 90% of the population has some symptoms of Adrenal Exhaustion. Having healthy Adrenals means you have a constant supply of energy, have good digestion, are normal weight, sleep soundly at night, wake up feeling rested and have limited stress.

Take a look at our check list as a guide to determining how much Adrenal Exhaustion may be present.

Do any of the following habits or symptoms apply?

Do you drink coffee in the morning? Yes No
Do you drink coffee any other time of the day? Yes No
Do you drink Coca Cola, Pepsi or any other cola? Yes No
Do you crave chocolate? Yes No
Do you crave sweets? Yes No
Does your stomach seem over acidic at times? Yes No
Do you suffer from indigestion? Yes No
Does your diet lack any Dulse, Kelp, or other sea vegetables? Yes No
Have you taken aspirin on a regular basis? Yes No
Is your physical stamina less than adequate? Yes No
Is waking up in the morning difficult? Yes No
Do you have any symptoms of pain or discomfort? Yes No
Do you have dark circles under your eyes? Yes No
Is your life more stressful than you would like? Yes No

How many of these habits or symptoms apply? The ranges are:

Average – 1 to 3

Significant – 4 to 6

More Serious – 7 or above

If you have any of the symptoms above, Nutritional and Anti-oxidant support of the Adrenals is indicated. We recommend that you “jump start’ your program with the Energy Pack or Men’s / Women’s Pack for best results.

Anti-Aging Pathology

Neuro, Emotional, Endocrine & Nutritional Factors of Aging

Dietary choices and lifestyle are major contributors to how we age. Fortunately there are many choices today to reverse the aging process so we can lead happy, healthy and productive lives. Whether you choose anti-aging natural supplements, anti-aging herbs, herbal vitamins, hormone therapy, exercise, counseling, etc. all have demonstrated success in reversing the aging process.

It’s important to address all factors which contribute to aging. Accordingly, the following pathology describes the 5 factors which cause the body to age.
5 Factors which cause the body to age:

  1. Neuro – deterioration of the cell membranes in the Brain due to a lack of Phosphorus in the diet
  2. Emotional – unresolved issues in the Brain create blocked energy, reducing Melatonin and HGH hormone production
  3. Endocrine – breakdown of the glands reducing their hormone production and a weakening of the Vital Organs
  4. Nutritional – mineral deficiencies contributing to the weakening of the Body & Mind
  5. Free Radicals – compounds which attack the cell membranes of the Brain and Nervous System
Brain – Hypothalamus – Pineal Interaction to produce Melatonin
Brain – Hypothalamus – Pituitary Interaction to produce HGH

How we age

First, aging begins in the Brain and the Nervous system, where a lack of Phosphorus in the diet contributes to a weakening of the Brain cell membranes. The entire nervous system is composed of Phosphorus, including the spinal cord, nerves and nerve endings. A lack of Phosphorus in the diet will impede the messages from the Brain to rest of the body.

Second, Emotional issues that are unresolved create energy blocks in the brain. Circulation of blood is restricted to many areas of the brain, limiting the pathways of nerve messages to the brain stem, spinal cord and various parts of the body. Serotonin levels are reduced which impacts our sense of well-being and general outlook on life. Blocked energy is found most commonly in the Cerebrum and Brain Stem.This is energy left over from unresolved issues in the past which we have been unable to release. The left side of the Cerebrum is where memories of traumatic experiences are held. The right side is where the emotions of traumatic experiences are held. Capsicum improves circulation to the brain and helps to release this blocked energy from the brain.

Third, the Endocrine system is weakened, upsetting the hormonal balance in the body. The Hypothalamus which connects the brain to the glandular system is also impeded by blocked energy. The messages from the Brain to the Hypothalamus are disrupted which reduces the hormone production of the Pineal, Pituitary, Thyroid, Thymus and Adrenal glands.The Pineal gland no longer produces enough Melatonin and we cannot sleep at night. The Pituitary gland no longer produces enough human growth hormone – HGH and visible signs of aging appear. The Thyroid gland is under active lowering metabolism which causes obesity. The Thymus gland slows the production of T-cells and immunity to infection is reduced. The vital organs are weakened, and the production of enzymes decreases.Adrenal exhaustion sets in and physical stamina declines. Antiaging herbs will help restore youth.

Brain – Hypothalamus – Pineal Interaction to produce HGH
Brain – Hypothalamus – Pineal Interaction to produce Melatonin

Fourth, a poor diet and a lack of Trace Minerals such as Germanium, Selenium, Iodine and many others further weaken the glands and organs, causing an additional slowing of bodily functions. The lack of digestive enzymes contributes to an ongoing cycle of Nutritional deficiencies. This further impacts the vital organs; mainly the stomach, kidneys, pancreas, liver and colon. Sex drive is reduced and Menopause (women) and Andropause (men) overcome us.The colon becomes toxic and slow moving.

Fifth, a diet deficient in Anti-oxidants generates Free Radicals in the body, which attack the cell membranes in the Brain and Nervous system.Diet, lifestyle, drugs, tobacco and excessive alcohol consumption accelerate free radical production in the body. Excessive alcohol consumption also contributes to the weakening and die off of brain cells.Age related diseases begin to appear, often early in life.

Summary of how we Age

Aging begins with a Phosphorus deficiency in the brain. Next, unresolved stress and trauma create blocked energy in the Brain, restricting nerve messages to the rest of the body. This upsets the body’s hormonal balance causing organ weaknesses. Visible symptoms occur and the onset of age related diseases occur. Years of poor eating habits contribute to nutritional deficiencies, free radical damage and a slowing of bodily functions.

Can aging be reversed? Yes!!!!

Antiaging Herbs Restore Youth

First, A diet rich in Anti-oxidant foods to combat Free Radicals should be the foundation of any Anti-aging program.Colorful fruits and vegetables are highest in Anti-oxidants which neutralize Free Radicals in the body.Pineapple, Blueberries, Bell Peppers and Purple Onions are our favorite Anti-oxidant foods.

Second, the remaining inter-related factors; Neuro, Emotional, Endocrine, Nutritional must be addressed to have an effective Anti-aging program. The benefits of your Anti-aging program can be many and vary from person to person. The most common results we see are as follows:

  • Improved Sense of Well-being
  • Better Memory
  • Clearer Thinking
  • Greater Resistance to Illness and Disease
  • More Emotional Energy
  • More Physical Energy
  • Improved Sex Drive

Getting Started on the Anti Aging Herbal Process

Anti Aging Natural Supplements

A protocol of Anti-aging formulas with Nutritional, Herbal, Amino Acid and Anti-oxidant ingredients is recommended to start your Anti-aging program. We put these together in convenient packs beginning with the Energy Pack, Brain Pack, Men’s Pack and Women’s Pack. We suggest starting with the Energy Pack first and then add the other packs to your program.

Anti Aging Herb Products – Herbal Supplements

The Brain Pack II and III, Glandular Pack, Vital Organ Pack, Heart Pack and Pancreas Pack can be added to your program in any order. These are specific anti aging herb products, minerals, and unique herbal supplements that will energize the mind and the body and help restore youth.

Men’s Health

The most important issues for Men today are (1) Prostate health and (2) maintaining normal Testosterone levels. Addressing these areas assures that men will continue to feel masculine and maintain a healthy sex life.

Prostate problems have been eliminated by addressing Adrenal Exhaustion as one of the steps in the healing process. As in any problem area in the body, the next higher Endocrine gland is often a limiting factor. A swollen Prostate and discomfort from an infected Prostate affects 1/3 of all men. The Masculine Formula and Saw Palmetto berry supplementation provide nutritional support to address these concerns.

Men tend to loose their masculine identity as they get older. Reduced levels of Testosterone production is the basis for this, but it’s a simple task to restore Testosterone levels in men. For nutritional support we begin the Men’s Pack with the Male Libido formula.  Second , the Siberian Ginseng formula in the Men’s Pack stimulates the male reproductive system to make more Testosterone. For those who have a regular exercise program, it has the benefit of making your workouts more productive.

For both Males and Females, Testosterone levels determine the amount of sexual pleasure you experience. So, it’s OK to take the Male Libido formula on the day of your encounter if you wish. In fact, she should take it too !!!


B.J. Palmer defined a medipractor as:

MEDI-practic or MEDI-practor,
MEDI, first two syllables of MEDI-cine.
A MEDI-practor, falsely misrepresents MEDI-cine AND chiropractic, is an imposter to both, using subterfuging deceptions to both professions.
A MEDI-practor is a mongrel, belonging to neither species or professions.

Palmer BJ. Shall chiropractic survive? Davenport, IA: Palmer School of Chiropractic. 1959

Medipractors don’t believe that chiropractic is sufficient to help rid people of disease. They are a disgrace to the chiropractic profession. Instead of becoming more proficient at finding, analyzing, and removing subluxations, they would rather refer all of their patients out to medical doctors where they can be poisoned with modern medicine.

Women’s Health

The most important issues for women are (1) reduced levels of Estrogen and Progesterone and (2) the loss of Iron due to a lengthy or irregular menstrual cycle. Addressing these area assures that women will maintain a healthy reproductive system and continue to feel their “feminine beauty” for years to come.

Black Cohosh is known as “Herbal Estrogen” and Wild Yam is known as “Herbal Progesterone”. Both herbs and the mineral Manganese are important to women’s health.

Iron loss during the menstrual cycle is a major problem among pre-menopausal women. Just look around you and see the number of women that have little or no color in their skin! This is the basis for that light, pale color so many women have. Iron supplementation can be helpful, but the root cause can be corrected by having healthy tissue in the Uterus. Not only does this shorten the length of the monthly cycle, it puts color back into the skin as well – those rosy cheeks you always wanted.

I recently wrote an email to a woman, which is typical of my discussions on this subject. A quote from the email is as follows:

“PRE-MENOPAUSAL women are amazed when I tell them their menstrual cycle should be shorter. Any period longer that 2 days is too long! The Uterus is a Manganese organ, the same mineral that is found in Red Raspberry leaf. So when they start taking the Menstrual Complex formula the Uterus becomes healthier and the period becomes shorter and shorter. And when they stop loosing so much Iron every month, they can see the difference.

POST-MENOPAUSAL women sometimes feel their feminine self has slipped away. Further, they are amazed that it can be recovered ! The female herbs in the Women’s Pack are designed to wake up the Ovaries again so you can make your own natural Estrogen. When this happens there will be a major change – for the better. You’ll see !

So if your menstrual cycle is longer than two days, it’s OK to skip ahead and      take the Menstrual Complex formula. If it feels like some of that “feminine      beauty” needs to be restored then start with the Herbal Estrogen formula. But      don’t give the Herbal Estrogen to your man !!!  Testosterone is what he needs !”

Hormone Testing

We recommend Hormone Testing to monitor the progress of your Anti-aging program. The following tests are available to evaluate the Hormone balance in the body. These tests can be performed as an alternate to the H-H-I Test and require 4 saliva samples which are mailed in for laboratory testing. The Basal Body Temperature is performed with a thermometer at no cost.


Thyroid Test * Basal Body Temperature test for Metabolism

Your body temperature is a reflection of your metabolic rate, which is largely determined by the hormones T3 and T4 secreted by the Thyroid gland. The function of the Thyroid can be determined by measuring your basal body temperature. All that is needed is an accurate thermometer to take your temperature when you first wake up in the morning.

1. Shake down the thermometer to below 95° F and place it by your bed before going to sleep at night.
2. On waking, place the thermometer in your armpit for a full 10 minutes.
3. After 10 minutes, read and record the temperature and date.
4. Record the temperature for at least three mornings in a row, preferably at the same time of day.It is important to make as little movement as possible. Lying and resting with your eyes closed is best. Do not get up until the 10 minute test is complete. Your Basal Body Temperature is the average of the 3 readings.

Notes: The test results for menstruating women should be corrected for temperature variations as illustrated in the chart below. Subtract 1 degree if the testing is started the day after ovulation. Oral or topical Progesterone cream can raise the BBT temperature and alter results of the test.

Men, children, and postmenopausal women can perform the test at any time. The target range is 97.8 to 98.2 degrees F for a proper functioning thyroid.

Temperature Variations due to Ovulation

In the chart above, the seven BBT’s before Ovulation are in the 97.2 to 97.3 range. Ovulation most likely occurred on the 14th day with the lowest reading (97.0) and subsequent temperature rise the following day. Unexpected temperature spikes can occur on any day due to, illness, fever, etc.Hormone Saliva Tests The following tests require a saliva sample which is mailed to a lab for analysis:Pineal Test – Test for Melatonin, Your body’s natural hormone for healthy sleep

Adrenal Test * Test for DHEA, Precursors to Adrenal hormones
Ovary Test * (Women) Test for Estorgen and Progesterone
Testicular Test * (Men) Test for Testosterone

Anti-aging herbs

Herbs used in anti-aging programs have medicinal properties which stimulate the vital organs in the body and restore their normal function. Many have anti-oxidant properties which heal cell membrane damage cause by free radicals. Restoring the Brain, Glands and Vital Organs are the most important role of these herbs in the healing process.

Aloe Vera Leaf

Used externally as a stimulant and internally in small doses as a bitter tonic; it contains seven anti-oxidant compounds that reduce inflammation and provides natural sodium to reduce inflammation in the stomach; Aloe Vera gel releases natural compounds to relieve pain as it promotes healing

Angelica Root

Traditionally used for colds, coughs, colic, rheumatism and diseases of the urinary tract; the root possess carminative, tonic and expectorant properties; has a stimulating effect on the Pineal gland to increase Melatonin production

Bai Liu Pi

Also called “Peking Willow”; a highly prized herb from China used to soothe the pain of inflammed joints, muscle soreness, arthritis and rheumatism; promotes Cortisone production by the Adrenals and has important anti-oxidant properties; ideal for those with low tolerance to medications which may irritate the stomach

Barberry Bark

Medicinal use dates back to the time of ancient Egypt, when it was combined with Fennel seed to prevent plague; a bitter tonic, an excellent remedy for the liver to regulating the bile production for the digestive system, and acts as a mild purgative for symptoms of constipation

Bee Pollen

A source of complete nutrition; rich in protein and nutrients important for the glandular system; Bee Pollen is high in amino acids which are precursors to many hormonal compounds in the body

Black Cohosh Root

A popular remedy for women’s health; effective for hot flashes, mood swings, and vaginal dryness of menopause and may compensate for low or variable levels of estrogen during menstruation or in menopause

Capsicum Fruit

A spicy, pungent aromatic herb introduced into Britain from India in 1548; used in many cultures as a cooking spice; is a good heart tonic, improves circulation in the brain; has anti-inflammatory properties to relieve pain; this is a well known anti-aging herb

Cardamon Seed

An aromatic herb with an intense, pungent sweet flavor used as a cooking spice in Ayruveda. A close relative of Ginger; has carminative, stimulant, aromatic properties and useful to enhance the properties of other herbs and spices; used in Chinese medicine to treat stomach aches, constipation and dysentery

Cedar Berry

An aromatic herb that can prevent gas and heartburn by stimulating the pancreas to increase enzyme production; has mild diuretic properties that stimulate urination; important anti-oxidant for the Pancreas

Chinese Licorice Root

Wonderful tonic and anti-oxidant for the Adrenals; also used to treat coughs and colds; is especially useful for treating colds that accompany stomach upset; traditional Chinese medicine uses Licorice to treat chronic fatigue

Cinnamon Bark

One of the world’s most familiar spices; used as a treatment for diabetes, weight control and hypoglycemia; can also treat loss of appetite and stomach upset; Cinnamon teas have been used for centuries to prevent bloating and flatulence and to treat heartburn and nausea


Used to alleviate pain, prevent and treat infection, ease toothaches, treat parasites and relieve congestion and settle upset stomach. Clove is the active ingredient in many over the counter toothache remedies because it has both anesthetic and antiseptic properties

Cu Pana

A popular herb from China used by athletes for a quick energy pickup; increases hormone production of the Adrenals and sharpens the mind for increased mental awareness.

Dong Quai Root

Another popular remedy for women’s health issues; a uterine tonic, reducing menstrual pain and reducing disagreeable symptoms of menopause; used in tonics for both sexes to relieve pain caused by poor circulation and arthritis

Dulse Plant

A seaweed harvested in the cool waters along Atlantic coast of Canada, Ireland and Norway which is known for it’s trace minerals, particularly iodine; used for treating hypothyroidism, low metabolism and obesity; an important anti-oxidant for the Thyroid gland.

Fennel Seed

An herb with a flavor similar to Licorice, which has antiseptic properties and encourages the secretion of saliva and gastric juices; used for stomach cramps and is often added to laxatives to ensure gentle action; the tea is used to break up congestion caused by colds and allergies.

Garlic Bulb

Many effects and healing powers have been credited to Garlic; it has stimulant and antiseptic properties in addition to its other virtues; stimulates digestion, is used as a heart tonic, clears infections and purges parasites from the intestinal tract.

Ginkgo Leaf

Contains several medicinally active compounds which has excited a lot of interest in the health promoting potential of Ginkgo; the leaves stimulate blood circulation and have a tonic effect on the brain, reducing lethargy, improving memory and giving an improved sense of well-being.

Golden Seal Root

Highly valued herb, which has antiseptic properties known to clear bacteria infections; used to stimulate insulin production of the pancreas.

Gotu Kola Herb

Long recognized as a botanical medicine, studies suggest it may help with memory and cognitive disabilities as well as helping the body overcome stress and fatigue, has been used to treat mild to moderate depression.

Hawthorn Berry

Recognized in Europe as a heart tonic; most often used in the treatment of a weak heart combined with high blood pressure; it has diuretic, sedative and tonic properties and is an important anti-oxidant for the heart muscles.

He Shou Wu Root

An excellent tonic for the Adrenals to treat exhaustion; mild stimulate to Estrogen production in women, making it appropriate for treating a number of undesirable symptoms of menopause.

Horsetail Grass

Known for its high Silicon content, it is an excellent supplement for hair, skin and nails; gently stimulates urinary flow and supports the electrolyte balance in the body; used for clearing out low grade infections of the bladder; important anti-oxidant for the skin to repair free radical damage.

Juniper Berry

An aromatic herb used as a diuretic and carminative for indigestion, flatulence, and diseases of the kidney and bladder; has superior anti-oxidant properties and stimulates the Pituitary gland to increase growth hormone production; improves perception and awareness.

Kelp Plant

A seaweed harvested along the coastal waters of North America, South America and Japan , which is known for its trace minerals, particularly iodine; used for treating hypothyroidism, low metabolism and obesity.

Kon Bu

An herb popular in China traditionally known for it’s high trace mineral content and for bringing the body’s hormones into balance; used for improving mental awareness without over stimulating the mind.

Nutmeg Seed

This well known spice is used to break up chest congestion and to relieve or prevent flatulence; research shows that it may inhibit the growth of viruses associated with diarrhea in children; extracts have treated erectile dysfunction in men.


Another important herb for hair skin and nails due to its high Silicon content; calming to the nervous system and also used to draw toxins out of the body; important nutrient for the skin.

Panax Ginseng

This highly prized medicinal herb is originally from Korea and northern China; it has a long history for use as a longevity tonic which strengthens the heart and adrenals; improves the body’s resistance to trauma, anxiety and fatigue; health benefits are well understood by many herbalists around the world.

Parsley Leaf

Often recommend as a detoxifier because of its concentrated chlorophyll, Parsley is a excellent diuretic for the kidneys; it’s culinary uses are many such as a flavoring to sauces, soups and casseroles

Peppermint Leaf

Used as flavoring in toothpaste, dental creams, mouthwash, cough candies, chewing gm and baked goods, this aromatic herb is a favorite choice for stomach upset and cramping in the abdomen

Red Raspberry Leaf

Another popular remedy for women’s health; has astringent properties and is a source on Manganese, an important mineral for the female reproductive system; excellent anti-oxidant for the Uterus

Saw Palmetto Berry

A popular herb for male reproductive health; used as a treatment for benign prostate enlargement and prostatitis; gently stimulates urination, causing the infectious microorganisms in the prostate to be flushed out with the urine; increases male sexual potency and is an important anti-oxidant for the Prostate gland

Siberian Ginseng Root

One of the most popular herbs among athletes to enhance performance; prevents Adrenal burnout caused by physical or mental stress; improves immunity against infection and has been used to treat erectile dysfunction in men

Valerian Root

A long history of usage, dating back to the time of Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.E.) for treating headaches, insomnia, nervousness, restlessness, menstrual problems, nervous stomach and hysteria; has a calming and tranquilizer effect on the brain

Wheat Grass

A popular herb for it’s high chlorophyll content and superior anti-oxidant properties, boosts immunity and cleanses the liver; an important anti-oxidant for the Thymus gland

Yucca Root

An herb used by native Americans for many centuries, used to treat both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis; calming to the stomach and digestive system; and important anti-oxidant for the stomach

Dr. Alan Logan – Brain Diet


The relationship between diet and brain health is presented in a well written and easy to read review of Dr. Logan’s research. He presents information on what role our diet plays in affecting our intelligence and mental health. We can maximize the quality of our life by eating right and making sure we take in a healthy quantity of nutrients that help support our cognitive functions.

The role of Phosphorus for the Brain and Omega 3’s is documented by many scientific studies. Dr. Logan describes in detail what happens to the Brain when it lacks the prescribed nutrition and how to correct those problems. In doing so, we see an improvement in the quality of our life in areas such as thinking, reasoning, creating, being artistic and learning. A healthy Brain diet can help children by increasing their intelligence and decreasing their risks of ADHD. This book covers areas in which our health is affected in regards to our Brain and how we think. A lot of what is discussed we already know affects other aspects of our health, such as oxidation and inflammation leading to cancer and heart disease. In this book, we learn how it also negatively affects our mental processes. Many of the supplements and the diet recommended also help us with many other aspects of our health. These recommendations are not something extra that you have to do just for your Brain, it is important that you follow them for all aspects of your health. The supplements recommended are mainly nutrients for the Brain and Anti-oxidants which prevent free radical damage in the body.This book is well organized and easy to read. The information presented comes with explanations that help you understand why it is important to make changes that we may need to make. A parent will find this information helpful in improving the quality of their children’s ability to learn. Middle aged people will find the information to be very helpful with slowing the decline of our thinking process. There is also a section with recommendations for a variety of health conditions such as fibromyalgia and migraine headaches. People with an interest in their health and the health of their children will really enjoy this book. Plus the recipes presented in for the nutritional plan look really delicious.

Dr. Michael Colgan – Hormonal Health


This is a review of an intriguing book that at last pays attention to the central importance of the Brain in the hormonal balance in the body. Dr. Colgan is correct in paying so much attention to the Brain. He presents the idea that aging starts chiefly “upstream,” with the Brain hormone-releasing hormones. And yet, apart from Melatonin, we seem to be in the dark ages about this. With aging, things start to go wrong at the Brain level first.

Unless we somehow slow down the aging of the Brain, all our attempts at hormone replacement are just crude manipulations whose anti-aging action is ultimately defeated by the degeneration taking place “upstream.” A lot of aging related problem start not in the body organs on the peripherally, but at the control center of our body, the Brain.

Regarding the Brain and our mental well being, increasing levels of Serotonin are required to inhibit aging. Nutrition for the Brain and is recommended to increase Serotonin and restore Dopamine levels in the brain.

Dr. Colgan’s explains how the hormonal cascade from the Pineal gland, the “master controller”, determines everything from your sexuality and emotions, your muscles and bones, to your intelligence and immunity. The hormonal cascade is orchestrated by the output of Brain hormones and neurotransmitters in specific areas. This is primarily the Hypothalamus and its interaction with the glandular system, beginning with the Pineal and Pituitary glands.

He disagrees with much of today’s hormone replacements targeted at correcting hormonal problems at the end of the cascade such as Estrogen (the pill) and Testosterone (steroids).

His basic principle of hormonal health is: Never replace anything at any point in the hormonal cascade, unless you ensure that controlling hormones and other chemicals further upstream have also been restored to youthful levels, so they can work in synergy with the new downstream influx. It is unwise to restore other downstream hormones (such as female Estrogen) to youthful levels without restoring Serotonin, Melatonin, HGH or any of the other upstream hormones first.

For women, maintaining appropriate Estrogen levels is emphasized and a surprisingly large portion of the book is devoted to its effects on all aspects of a woman’s health and how it is affected through the hormonal cascade from the Brain.

He identifies the Pineal gland as the “master controller” and the important hormone it produces, Melatonin. The amount of Melatonin produced by the Pineal gland is our “Aging Clock “as figures show that Melatonin production drops off rapidly with age. Dr Colgan describes the role of Melatonin in improving sleep, increasing libido and the prevention of disease.

The amino acid Acetyl-l-Carnitine ** improves cognitive function of the Brain and strengthens the Hypothalamus – Brain interaction. Exercise in the form of weight training is recommended to maintain fitness and weight, and is a key to promoting the natural production of Endorphins.

Restoring the youthful appearance sought after by so many health enthusiasts today can be accomplished with supplementation according to Dr. Colgan. Increasing levels of the hormone produced by the Pituitary gland, Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is recommended. This hormone determines muscle mass, bone density and skin thickness. It also is know to reduce body fat with mild or moderate exercise.

Dr. Colgan’s book is packed with interesting and thought-provoking material. He wastes very few words so the reader is constantly bombarded with new information. His presentation is accessible to the reader with little previous background on the brain and hormonal issues, and at the same time technical enough to satisfy the scholarly student.

** What is the difference between Acetyl L-Carnitine and L-Carnitine?

Carnitine is critical for the transport of fatty acids into the cell mitochondria, where energy is produced. The Acetyl L-Carnitine form is preferred by brain cells. heart muscle cells have a preference for the L- Carnitine form.