Dr. Alan Logan – Brain Diet


The relationship between diet and brain health is presented in a well written and easy to read review of Dr. Logan’s research. He presents information on what role our diet plays in affecting our intelligence and mental health. We can maximize the quality of our life by eating right and making sure we take in a healthy quantity of nutrients that help support our cognitive functions.

The role of Phosphorus for the Brain and Omega 3’s is documented by many scientific studies. Dr. Logan describes in detail what happens to the Brain when it lacks the prescribed nutrition and how to correct those problems. In doing so, we see an improvement in the quality of our life in areas such as thinking, reasoning, creating, being artistic and learning. A healthy Brain diet can help children by increasing their intelligence and decreasing their risks of ADHD. This book covers areas in which our health is affected in regards to our Brain and how we think. A lot of what is discussed we already know affects other aspects of our health, such as oxidation and inflammation leading to cancer and heart disease. In this book, we learn how it also negatively affects our mental processes. Many of the supplements and the diet recommended also help us with many other aspects of our health. These recommendations are not something extra that you have to do just for your Brain, it is important that you follow them for all aspects of your health. The supplements recommended are mainly nutrients for the Brain and Anti-oxidants which prevent free radical damage in the body.This book is well organized and easy to read. The information presented comes with explanations that help you understand why it is important to make changes that we may need to make. A parent will find this information helpful in improving the quality of their children’s ability to learn. Middle aged people will find the information to be very helpful with slowing the decline of our thinking process. There is also a section with recommendations for a variety of health conditions such as fibromyalgia and migraine headaches. People with an interest in their health and the health of their children will really enjoy this book. Plus the recipes presented in for the nutritional plan look really delicious.


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