Anti Aging Checklist

Does your Anti Aging program address the following areas?

Nutrition for the Brain, Phosphorus & Omega 3’s Yes
Anti-oxidant for the Brain Yes
Restore Serotonin levels Yes
Clear blocked energy in the Brain Yes
Improved circulation in the Brain Yes
Strengthen the Brain – Hypothalamus interaction Yes
Trace Mineral supplementation Yes
Anti-oxidants for the Glandular system Yes
Restore Melatonin levels Yes
Improved Sleep Yes
Restore Human Growth Hormone levels Yes
Improved Metabolism Yes
Improved Immune function Yes
Nutrition for the Heart Yes
Anti-oxidant for the Heart Yes
Restore Adrenal function Yes
Nutrition for the Pancreas Yes
Anti-oxidant for the Pancreas Yes
Restore Estrogen / Progesterone levels (women) Yes
Restore Testosterone levels (men) Yes

Natural Products for the Brain

Anti Aging Natural Supplements For the Brain

We think of the Brain as a Phosphorus organ. In fact, the entire nervous system is composed of Phosphorus, including the spinal cord, nerves, and nerve endings. A lack of Phosphorus in the diet will impede the messages from the Brain to rest of the body. This impacts the digestive system and weakens the other organs: mainly the Stomach, Kidneys, Pancreas, Liver and Colon. It will also reduce Serotonin levels, affecting our sense of well being. Anti aging natural suplements can restore the functions we once had during our youth.

The Brain controls the functions of the body thru a complex electrochemical process. The Cerebrum, the largest and most complex part of the Brain has the area with all the folds and grooves typically seen in pictures of the Brain. It contains the information that essentially makes us who we are: our intelligence, memory, personality, emotion, speech, and ability to feel and move. The Cerebrum has right and left halves, which are mirror images of each other. They are connected in the middle by a band of nerve fibers (Corpus Callosum) that enables the two sides to communicate. The left side is considered the logical, analytical, objective side. The right side is thought to be more intuitive, creative, and subjective. When you”re balancing the checkbook, you”re using the left side; when you”re listening to music, you”re using the right side.

The Cerebellum is the region of the Brain that controls movement, coordination, balance, equilibrium and muscle tone. It plays an important role in the integration of sensory perception and motor skills. Many neural pathways link the cerebellum with the motor cortex, which sends information to the muscles causing them to move.

The Medulla is part of the Brain stem located just inside the Cerebellum, which controls the autonomic functions in the body. Its function is to relay nerve messages from the Brain to the spinal cord. The messages control our breathing, the heartbeat and blood pressure, digestion and many other autonomic functions.

The Cerebellum, Medulla and Brain Stem contain the parts of the Brain that have many pathways. The pathways connect distant areas of the Brain and nervous system to the rest of the body.


Important to our discussion here is to recognize where energy can be blocked which hinders the normal function of the Brain. The top of the Brain Stem is areas of the brain where we find the most blocked energy. This is energy left over from unresolved issues in the past in which the nervous system has been unable to discharge. The left side of the cerebrum is where memories of traumatic experiences are held. The right side is where the emotions of traumatic experiences are held. In only about 5% of the population does the right half and left half freely communicate with each other.

The Brain Stem holds the most blocked energy of the traumatic experiences which we have been unable to resolve. Blocked energy inhibits normal bodily functions, particularly the glands and organs and is the root cause of many health issues.


Anti Aging Natural Product

If Phosphorus is lacking in the diet we are unable to clear blocked energy and our capacity to deal with stress is reduced. Our Phosphorus Formula combined with Omega 3, Vitamin A, and Pineapple Enzymes can improve the function of the Brain. It can also increase Serotonin levels, improving our sense of well being. This should be the foundation of today”s cutting edge nutritional program. Natural anti aging products are the corner stone of our anti aging program.

Brain communication with the Immune System

Brain to Immune System communication
“It used to be dogma that the brain was shut away from the actions of the immune system, shielded from the outside forces of nature. But that’s not how it is at all. It turns out that the brain talks directly to the immune system, sending commands that control the body’s inflammatory response to infection and autoimmune diseases.” Medical News Today

We now know that the brain or the central nervous system controls every other system in the body. While this is a simple fact, the ignorance of this truth in one’s reasonings about health leads to rather absurd conclusions.

For instance, drawing from it’s unholy trinity of drugs, surgery, and radiation, traditional medical doctrine teaches that the solution to appendicitis is to remove the appendix. An appendectomy as the solution to appendicitis is as logical as removing a finger when it gets accidentally cut. Traditional medicine will not seek an alternative to appendectomy because it refuses to act consistently with the knowledge it possesses. If traditional medicine acted consistently according to current scientific knowledge of the nervous and immune system it would acknowledge that appendicitis is caused by excessive nerve excitation. Instead, traditional medicine refuses to draw such conclusions and resorts to brute force methods of intervention.

Confusion is so rampant today that common facts such as the brain and the central nervous system controlling everything in the body are not taken into consideration when reasoning about the cause of one’s dis-ease. This ignorance is similar to the riddle about how to make 30 cents with only two coins and one of them not being a quarter. Unless one is willing to think carefully and questioningly of all possible solutions one will not find the correct answer. Traditional medicine leaves out the obvious fact that the brain and the central nervous system control everything in the body and that interference with the nervous system causes dis-ease. Medical doctors teach their patients that the solution to their sickness is drugs, radiation, and surgery. Very few are willing to question the priesthood of the medical profession.

The correct solution and the chiropractic solution to dis-ease is to examine the nervous system to determine if there is interference at any level or location. Once the location of nervous system interference has been determined, the chiropractor must then find the most effective way to alleviate that interference. In most cases that solution is to examine the atlanto-axial-occipital area for a subluxation and adjust if there is a subluxation and consequent nerve interference.

The brain is an immensely powerful organ controlling the immune system as well as all other systems of the body. The first step to solving one’s health problems should be to find the interference in the nervous system and correct it.

Walgreens anti-health food cold commercial

Walgreens is running a commercial urging people not to eat healthy nutritious food to aid in overcoming colds and other sicknesses. Instead, Walgreens promotes the false belief that dangerous drugs are necessary for healing. This false belief has roots in the mistaken idea that the body cannot heal itself naturally. Such an idea that the body cannot heal itself naturally is absurd on its face. Life would not be possible without such innate processes as self-healing and regeneration. Atomistic medicine (as opposed to holistic medicine) does not have a consistent worldview in which it can account for both the self-healing property of life and a dependence on drugs.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic and Herniated Discs

Dr. Ray Drury explains in this video the relationship between upper cervical chiropractic and herniated discs.

In contrast to the claims of some like Reinhert Diversified that you can adjust a slipped disc, upper cervical chiropractic does not make such a claim. Instead, the upper cervical philosophy regarding herniated discs is that by adjusting the atlas or axis the body will alleviate the extra pressure which caused the disc to herniate originally and thus allow the disc to slide back into place.

Chiropractic and the World Series

Press release from Logan College of Chiropractic:

Chiropractic Care Contributes to Optimal Performance of Baseball World Series Champions 2011 St. Louis Cardinals and 2010 San Francisco Giants

Cardinal pitcher Jason Motte advocates chiropractic care

CARMICHAEL, Calif. – Nov.  3, 2011 – As the St. Louis Cardinals celebrate their 11th World Series title and the San Francisco Giants relive their 2010 championship, the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress points to the role of chiropractic care in promoting faster recoveries, reduced risk of injury and enhanced on-field performance.  Chiropractic team doctors Ralph Filson, D.C. of the Cardinals, and Michael Gazdar, D.C. of the San Francisco Giants, explain that regular chiropractic care provides baseball players with proper spinal function and balance to reduce the risk of spine-related injuries, enhance recovery time and improve overall performance.

Dr. Filson, who began providing care to the players in 1990 through its then manager, Joe Torre, Major League Baseball (MLB) legend, says, “Chiropractic care is always available for players of the Cardinals and the visiting team, it is utilized by many.  With chiropractic care, players report that they feel better and have better endurance.  Body mechanics are significantly improved, enabling better pitching, hitting and throwing.”

Jason Motte, relief pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals, shares, “I had issues with my shoulder and arm for a long time.  I started seeing Dr. Filson this year. Since then, I have not had any arm problems. The whole team appreciates him and the work he did throughout the season. I know while being under Dr. Filson’s care, I was able to feel 100 percent while on the mound.”

In 2006, Dr. Filson was awarded a World Series ring for his role with the Cardinals, and was proud to play a similar role in the 2011 championship.  He also treated David Eckstein, Most Valuable Player on the Cardinals 2006 World Series Team, citing the importance of chiropractic care in helping players to achieve optimal performance:  “I am proud to have provided chiropractic care to the Cardinals for so many years, and gratified that chiropractic has contributed to the players’ optimal performance during every game.  We are all excited about bringing home the 2011 World Series title.”

According to Dr. Gazdar, who began working with the San Francisco Giants in 2008, and was seen by millions celebrating at the pitcher’s mound with the players following the game-ending play that resulted in the Giants World Series title, “Chiropractic care was a significant factor in the San Francisco Giants 2010 victory.  One of the Giants’ pitchers relied upon chiropractic adjustments for all of his pitching starts, and virtually every player benefitted from chiropractic services.”

Both doctors express their enthusiasm for the inclusion of chiropractic care for virtually every team participating in professional sports, including golf, football, hockey, basketball and baseball.

About Foundation for Chiropractic Progress   

A not-for-profit organization, the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress aims to inform and educate the general public about the many benefits associated with chiropractic care.  To learn more about the Foundation, please visit us on the web at or call 866-901-F4CP (3427).


Thomas F. Keller, MA
Associate VP of Integrated Marketing and Communications
Division of Enrollment Management
Logan College of Chiropractic / University Programs

Mercury Poisoning and Autism

Mercury Poisoning and Autism

The symptoms of Autism in children and symptoms of mercury poisoning in children are the same:

Loss of speech
Social withdrawal
Reduced eye contact
Repetitive behaviors
Hand-flapping, toe-walking
Temper tantrums
Sleep disturbances

Scandal Exposed in Major Study of Autism and Mercury

“Documents obtained via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) show that CDC officials were aware of Danish data indicating a connection between removing Thimerosal (49.55% mercury) and a decline in autism rates. Despite this knowledge, these officials allowed a 2003 article to be published in Pediatrics that excluded this information, misrepresented the decline as an increase, and led to the mistaken conclusion that Thimerosal in vaccines does not cause autism.” — Coalition for Mercury-Free Drugs (CoMeD)