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Will chiropractic adjustments help autistim?

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asked Feb 21, 2011 by daniel (2,220 points)

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Chiropractic adjustments benifit everyone, they restore the nerve supply to the areas that are interfered with by the misaligned vertabrae.

To help autism the misaligned bones in the skull must also be corrected.

There are many associated causitive factors in autism, mercury toxicity, dietary deficiencies, infections, allergies to name a few. But the one common denominator is the misalignment of the skull. Of the over 4,000 special needs children we have examined in the last 22 years, every one had cranial misalignments. When the skull is corrected by Chiropractic cranial adjustments, then all the other therapies start to get better results.

Basically, when the skull is misalogned it deceeases the space between the skull and the brain interfering with cerebral spinal fluid and blood supply to the area of the brain adjacent to the misalignment portion of the skull.

Adjusting the spine is helpful, but to get the best results the skull must be adjusted as well.

 I have taught over 800 Chiropractors world wide to perform specific Chiropractic adjustments to the skull. www.turnerwellness.com for more detailed information.


answered Sep 5, 2011 by anonymous
edited Oct 11, 2011 by daniel
Thanks for the explanation Dr. T. Cranial adjustments along with good upper cervical specific adjustments have shown to unleash the body's inborn healing ability in a powerful way.