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Might an elimination rock or uti trigger lage levels of blood in pee without any hurting?

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Friday I first found my pee was soft. Perhaps not a tiny bloodstream...merlot wine-colored reddish...or fresh fruit impact coloured. My physician called in antibiotics now if my 4th evening of a 7-day therapy. Ive perhaps not had any hurting but I've sensed an unpleasant strain but I presume its because im moving modest bloodstream clots. Ive been searching on line and Im frightened. Kidney malignancies number-one sign is precisely whats going about with me. Therefore has anybody had disease or a kidney rock that wasnt distressing and had a really large quantity of bloodstream moving within their pee? I havent visited a medical facility and that I sense like im as this is really a terrifying offer disregarding the signs. Can I proceed? and what can I state to your physician that reflexively sets it away as an uti or rocks less the distressing signs?
asked Apr 22, 2014 by fhagayle (120 points)

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